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Real Estate Law: What You Need To Know

Moore Landrey LLP provides representation for clients who have been involved in a wide variety of issues involving real estate law. Our attorneys are experienced in handling the unique problems seen in this specialized area. Since 1968, we have worked with people throughout southeast Texas. Put your trust in a firm that has strong roots in this community.

Tailored Solutions Based On Your Situation

Our local, heritage firm has experience handling a wide variety of real estate matters. The attorneys at our law firm have both the experience and knowledge of the special issues found in this area of law to enable them to advise our clients and obtain the best possible results. We work with individuals and businesses, meaning we handle both residential and commercial properties. We are known for being affordable, thorough and professional. For all your real estate transactions, we can help.

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For all property law cases, trust the board-certified attorneys at Moore Landrey LLP to provide the legal guidance you need. They will review and amend all your contracts so that you have all the information you need before you sign any paperwork. Call our office in Beaumont at 409-978-7723 to schedule a free consultation today. You can also email us by clicking here.